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That the car looks crazy isn't necessarily a surprise ― after all, we learned in February (and the series confirmed today) that Roborace hired Daniel Simon, the man who designed the light cycles in Tron: Legacy, to design these cars. What is surprising is just how crazy they look. Regardless of whether you're talking about a futuristic racing series or regular road cars, there's typically a huge disconnect between concept cars and what actually makes it to the asphalt.

That's not the case here. In an official release, Simon says his goal was "to create a vehicle that takes full advantage of the unusual opportunities of having no driver without ever compromising on beauty," and that he worked with racing engineers and aerodynamicists to strike that balance. "Beauty was very high on our agenda," he says, and it shows.
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The self-driving race cars of Roborace will have a brain from Nvidia
The self-driving race cars of Roborace will have a brain from Nvidia
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Every Roborace will pit 10 teams, each with two driverless cars equipped with NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2, against each other in one-hour races. The teams will have identical cars. Their sole competitive advantage: software. It’s truly a contest to build the most advanced artificial mind.
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